6 zones standard PARAMETERS -Power Supply: AC85V-264V
nWorking temperature:-20℃–+50℃
nWorking Frequency: 4KHZ—8KHZ
nStandard External size: 2200mm (H) X800mm (W) X580mm (D)
nStandard Internal size: 2010mm (H) X700mm (W) X500mm (D)
nPackage size for door panels: 2260*650*260mm *1ctn
nPackage size for control unit: 780*390*250 mm*1ctn
nSix mutual over-lapping detecting zones, Simultaneous alarm From multi- zones;
nSensitivity adjustable: Each zone has 100 sensitivity level
nSound & LED alarm: Both Side LED indicator , Easily show where the metal is.
nAutomatically count passengers and alarm times
nAlarm strength indicator on control panel
nPassword protection, only the authorized person can operate.
nEasy assembly: designed with only 2 pieces cables and 8Screws,
nsimply-to-follow instruction.
nHarmless to human body: is harmless with heart pacemaker,
npregnant women, magnetic floppy, Recording tapes, etc.
nusing high density fireproof material Program Self-diagnostic when power on,
nno need initial or periodic calibration Modularization design,
neasy for maintenance and replacement.
nSensitivity Test piece: One yuan Coin, omnidirectional detection
n4-8 hours backup battery (Option) Application Exhibition center,
nElectronic Factory, Bank, Prison, Government office, Hotel etc.



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