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Amplifers AD-240ZD

  • Tabletop 5 zone mixer amplifier with Mp3 player, FM radio & bluetooth
  • Rate power output at 60W, 120W, 240W, 350W, 500W & 650W
  • 5 zone speaker outputs 100V & single zone speaker output of 100V or 70V & 4 Ohm-8 Ohm-16 Ohm
  • Mp3 player with USB/SD input on front panel, IR remote control for Mp3 player, FM radio and bluetooth
  • EXT Chime for closed trigger input to activate the 4 tone chime and siren
  • Mic1 priority & mute level attenuator
  • +48V Phanton power for Mic1 & Mic 2
  • 7 Inputs includes Mic1-5 XLR inputs and Aux 1-2 inputs
  • Amp input and Pre output for external amplifier link
  • EQ of low, middle, high and master tone control
  • Complete amplifier protection includes short-circuit, clip, overload and high temp

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