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Interance Control

Interance Control

  • Automatic Entry System – Easier Gate and Entry Access. RIB is an Italian manufacturer of automatic systems for gates, barriers, shutters and up-and-over doors. A leading company in both industry and the domestic sector, operating all over the world to bring peace of mind to installers and security to clients. It can be connected to any operator of any brand to open and close the gate, the garage door, the barrier by using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi via the free RIB GATE app.

  • Metal Detectors Devices and Metal Detectors Hand-Held - Metal Detector Walk Through Gates works indoors and outdoors. Detect metals and humans, High sensitivity for most metals. Different Alarm Zones up to 32 Zones, Showing screen for alarm place

  • X-Ray devices and solutions – Solutions designed for visual Inspection of different objects (baggage, mail, etc) without opening them to reveal objects, materials and substances that are prohibited for Import and export or differ from declared content

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